Life is full of choices and every adult has every right of making decisions whether right or wrong. Many times, the decisions we make in life are termed to be right or wrong depending on the effects it has on the individual. However, there are things that might see right to the victim but they are termed wrong to the public. One of these practices is being a workaholic. Workaholics feel everything is running right and nothing is wrong in their lives while to the general public, there is something that is not going on as it should.

Being a workaholic has so many disadvantages and one major disadvantage is the fact that workaholics have no social relationship. The fact that these people run up and down and set so high goals for related to their job, they have no time of meeting with friends. Worse still an alcoholic might end up losing their own families if they are not careful. With this in mind, it is important to define what work holism is. Work holism is a state of being a workaholic. And for those who have no idea who a workaholic is, it is a person who feels compelled to work excessively without giving themselves enough time to rest.

The question of whether there are workaholics in the Chennai escort industry is a bone of contention but the definite answer is ‘yes’. Just in any other field or career, there are workaholics in the escort industry. However, it is not easy to find one in an agency as agencies try to control the number of hours escorts under them work. This is because, they always want to make sure that their escorts are fresh all the time and they get enough time to rest to ensure they provide quality services to their clients.

When it comes to independent escorts in Chennai, it is possible to find a workaholic independent escort as they are their own bosses. There are a number of reasons that make escorts end up being workaholics but the main ones are either the escort has excess number of escorts or secondly, they are afraid of losing their clients. Many workaholic escorts are not able to maintain the quality of their services. It is therefore very important for them to take a few hours break per day to rest to ensure they remain refreshed always.

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